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Jun 27, 2015

Lava C81 Volcano Tool Flash File Download - Free Flash Files

Here is the Lava C81 flash file, download the flash file and flash the phone with Volcano Tool. This flash file can use on any china mobile flash tool. Lava C81 has Mstar CPU, to flash the phone using Volcano Tool you need a flash file for this model, which is given below and the flashing process with Volcano box.
Lava C81 Key Specs:
Display : 3.50 inches
RAM : 64MB
Internal Storage : 128MB
Expandable storage : up to 8 GB
Rear camera : 1.3 megapixel 
Battery capacity : 1400 mAh
Lava C81 Volcano Tool Flash File

Lava C81 Read Flash Done With Volcano Tool v3.0.0

Lava C81 Read Flash Log Volcano Tool:
Detection initiated...
  Vcc: null
  Gnd: null
  Analyzing D+ and D-...
  D+ = 3, D- = 2
  Detection D+/D- with 0.92 seconds.
  Continue to detect BOOT pin...
  Found [MSTAR]USB device:GCREADER USB Device,(VID_1B20&PID_0300)
  UsbVcc(VCC) = 1 10, BOOT(Pull Down) = 4

Find USB device:GCREADER USB Device, (VID_1B20&PID_0300)
  Pinouts setting complete!
  Connecting to phone...
  Connection success!
  Boot downloading...
  CPU ID:00608002
  Boot downloading finished.
  Flash Type: GIGA_GD25LQ128
  Flash ID:   00C8601800000000
  Flash Size: 01000000h
  Read Size: 01000000h(16M)
  CPU : 8532B/8533BX
  Flash Reading finished

Download Lava C81 Flash File Here

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