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Sep 10, 2017

Invalid Licence Data(4) - Beware You Only Have 5 Attempts - Volcano Box

Invalid License Data (4) Delete volcano file from registry and add Volcano in your Antivirus and Beware you only have 5 attempts. If you are a Volcano Box user, then you may face this error anytime but don't worry you can solve this problem on Volcano Box. In this topic we will show you how to solve "Invalid Licence Data (4)" error on Volcano Box.

Volcano Box Error:

Delete Volcano file from registry (Beware you only have 5 attemps) and add Volcano in your antivirus.

Volcano Box Invalid Licence Data (4) 100% Solution Here

Why This Error Message Comes?

Invalid Lecence data (4) is a normal error message you may face while using Volcano Mobile flashing box. This error normally comes due to change in the licence data changed on the Volcano server, that means the Registry license data of your Computer System is not same as on the Volcano server, if the license data changed on Volcano server you must need to update your Computer Registry value and it's easy to do it, the below we will show you how to change Registry value on your Computer System. One more cause for this error is, if you are using Volcano box on your system for a long period and applying updates of Volcano box and run it again, it causes the Junk Registry value on your System. So finally the solution for this error of Volcano Box is one, you should not worry about the error and it can be solved within seconds.

Invalid Licence Data 4 Volcano Box Solution:

1- Go to your PC Registry (Start - Run then type "regedit" and press enter)
2- Now navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Volcano_Tool
3- Then Delete the Volcano_Tool Folder 
4- That's all now restart the Volcano Utility or Volcano Tool

If you can not understand the above process then please see the below step by step process with image and you can easily delete Volcano registry entry on your PC.


Step 1-

Click on Start Menu then Click on RUN or you can use shortcut key (Windows Key + R) then type "regedit" without quote and press enter.

Volcano Tool Error Invalid Data Regedit Command (Step-1)
Step 2-

Then go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" click on it to expand, then scroll down to "
Software" and click on it to expand, Now click on "Volcano_Tool" and just below you can see another "Volcano_tool" folder, right click on it and delete.

Invalid Licence Data 4 Volcano Tool Error, Delete Registry key on the PC (Step-2)
If still you can not understand this process to solve Volcano Box error Invalid licence data 4, then please visit our YouTube Channel and watch the video Here.

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