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Dec 10, 2016

Samsung B110E Dead After Flash - The Complete Solution

Here is the complete solution for Samsung B110E dead after flash problem. So when you flash the phone with wrong or bad flash file sometimes the phones goes dead, means not switch on and when you try to connect the phone to PC it will not detect and not shows COM port in device manger in Computer. So how you solve the b110e dead after flash problem? the below is the complete procedure to recover the dead b110e with simple flash with Miracle box or Volcano box.

B110E Dead Flash Success Using the Below Method

How to flash Samsung B110E?

1-Switch off the phone
2-Hold the OK (center) button
3-Connect to PC then let the driver install
4-Flash the phone using Chinese flash tool

This process works on working phone, means the phone should be switch on at least till Samsung Logo.

Samsung B110E Dead Flash:

1-Remove Battery
2-Then hold the OK button and connect to PC
3-Now B110E will show the COM port in Device Manager
4-Now you can flash using any flash tool or Box

Note: Dead B110E will only detect without battery, if you try to connect with battery then you may not success. Samsung B110E dead flash success without battery.

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