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Jun 25, 2015

Samsung B312E Flashing Error With Samsung Tool V20.5 - Solved With V19.0

How to flash Samsung B312E with z3x? the below is the process to flash the Samsung B312E with z3x box. In the new version of Samsung Tool you may get some error while flashing the phone, I tried with Samsung Tool V20.5 and not able to flash the phone but when try in the previous version of Samsung tool i.e. v19.0 then the flash done successfully.

B312E Flashing Error on Samsung Tool v20.5
Waiting phone... OK 
Sending preloader... OK 
Sending loader... OK 
Checking Flash ID... OK 
Detected Flash ID: 220800EC 
Sending BIN/BSY (CATFISH.fls)... error 
Done with Samsung Tool v.20.5

B312E flash done with Samsung Tool v19.0
B312E Samsung Flash Done With Samsung Tool V19.0

So if you are facing problem and getting error while flashing Samsung B312E with Samsung Tool V20.5 then try the version 19.0 your problem will solve.

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